The multifunctional premium protection for all wooden surfaces


Don't give stains and scratches a chance! SAICOS Premium Hardwax-Oil makes it possible. This oil is not only suitable for maintenance, but also gives your wood a new coat. High heel marks, building block scratches and spilled food can no longer harm the durable wood and cork floors, tabletops and worktops thanks to this wood care oil. Furniture and children's toys also benefit from premium wood protection. This product is suitable for all wooden surfaces in indoor areas.


  • Natural surface treatment for all wood and cork floors, tables and worktops and other heavily used wooden surfaces
  • Fast drying - complete coat possible in one day
  • Colourless or coloured, 4 gloss levels
  • Simple, economical, wood-friendly
  • Oxidative drying

Saicos Premium Hardwax Oil