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Floors - Recent Projects

Brooklyn Tiles
Brooklyn Oak Tiles
Richmond Oiled Oak
Richmond Hill Wide Oak Boards
Fulham Prime Oak Engineered
Prime Oak Lacquered 
Brooklyn Oak Tiles
Ghent Blocks Oiled Wenge Strip
Extra Rustic Solid Oiled Oak
Country Oak
Ghent Oak Blocks Oiled + Wenge Strip
Extra Rustic Solid Oak Oiled
Limed Oak Engineered Wide Boards
Oak Solid Natural Lacquer
Resurfaced Steps
Stair Treads  Smoked Oak
Ghent Rustic Oak Blocks
Ghent Blocks Lacquered + Wenge Strip
Jacobean Oiled Oak
Oak Herringbone
Prime Oak Blocks Oiled
Oak Engineered Narrowboat
Solid Oiled Oak
Extra Long and Wide Oak Blocks
Nature Grade Solid Oak Oiled
Oak EngineeredFloor On Thames Barge
Oak Floor And Stair Treads
Jacobean Oiled Solid Oak
Resurfaced Steps
Stair Treads Resurfaced
Application of adhesive
Applying Adhesives to Underlay
Rustic Engineered Oak
Solid Oak Wide Boards With Cellar Access
Cupar Grey Oiled Oak
Carberry White Engineered Wide Boards
Richmond Oak
Richmond Hill Oak Oiled Boards
Reclaimed Solid Oak
'Reclaimed' Solid Oak Wide Boards
Ghent Jacobean Oak Blocks 
Thames Oak 2.JPG
Nature Grade Oiled Solid Oak Boards
Rustic Solid Oak Oiled
Extra Long Wide Solid Oak Oiled Boards
Prime Solid Oak Boards Oiled
Oak Herringbone
Rustic Oak
Nature Grade Solid Oak Lacquered
Trafalgar White 5%
Natural Oiled Solid Oak
Wine Cellar Oak.JPG
Solid Prime Oak.JPG
Rustic Mixed Timbers.jpg
Ghent Blocks White Oiled
Solid US Black Walnut Lacquered
Trafalgar White Oiled Engineered Oak Boards
Halliford Grey Extra Wide Solid Oak 
Limed Solid Oak Boards
White Reclaimed Boards
Oak Herringbone
Carberry Grey
Extra Rustic Mixed Timber Boards
Nature Grade Oiled Solid Oak
Prime Solid Oak Oiled
Prime Solid Oak Boards Lacquered
Prime Solid Oak Oiled
Carberry Grey Engineered Oak
Painted Pine Boards
Ghent Oak Blocks Oiled
'Reclaimed' (5).jpg
Prime Oak Herringbone Blocks Oiled
Solid American Oak
Nature Grade Solid Oak Oiled
'Reclaimed' Solid Oak Boards
Oak boards
Wide Solid Oak Boards 'Caramel'
Prime Oak Herringbone With Wenge Tramline
Oak Stairs
Nature Grade Solid Oak Staircase
Oak Steps
Nature Grade Oak Treads
Rustic Solid Oiled Oak
Thames Oak 3.JPG
Nature Grade Solid Oak On Thames Barge
Prime Oak Engineered Lacquered
White on White Solid Oak
Smoked Oak Solid Boards
Painted Solid Oak Long Boards
Blocks laid as boards
Long Blocks Laid Lengthways
Rustic Oak
Solid Maple Lacquered with Trapdoor to Wine Cellar
Bandsawn Oiled Rustic Oak
Solid US Walnut Stair Treads and Floor
Engineered Oiled Oak
Nature Grade Engineered Jacobean Oiled
Solid Rustic Oak Oiled
Nature Grade Solid Oak Antique Oiled
Jacobean Solid Oak
Extra Long Wide  Solid Boards 'Jacobean'
White Pastel
Painted Long Length Oak Boards
Extra Rustic Oiled Boards
Oak Kitchen Invisible Lacquer.jpg
Oak Herringbone
Designed Pannels (White European Oak).JP
Oak Boards
White Oiled Pine
Resurfaced Stairs
'Reclaimed' Oiled Oak
Solid American Oak
'Reclaimed' Solid Oak 
Nature Grade Oiled Solid Oak
Fitting HerringBone
US Prime Solid Pine
Ebony Solid Oak
Versailles Panels
Bandsawn Oiled Engineered Oak
Solid Oak Teak Stain and Oil
Brooklyn Tiles
Oak Stairtreads Jacobean Oiled
US Prime Solid Pine
Halliford Grey Wide Solid Oak
'Reclaimed' Solid Oak
Grey Oiled Solid Oak
Prime US Solid Oak Oiled
Prime Oak Herringbone with Wenge and Walnut
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